Any firm, corporation, partnership or proprietorship regularly engaged in editing, design and/or creation of visual effects, color grading, finishing, sound design, audio mixing or other creative post production processes for film, video, digital and electronic media as an independent business, is eligible to be elected a General Member of AICE.

Applicant's work may include but is not limited to television commercials, content for the internet and mobile, interactive content, music videos, motion pictures, and other media projects. Applicant must have a "brick and mortar" presence and may not be wholly or partly owned or operated by an advertising agency or advertiser.

Membership in AICE entitles you to notices and other communications which AICE may distribute from time to time to members in general or to your company specifically. By accepting membership in AICE, you authorize AICE to communicate with your company via email, text messaging, mail, fax, telephone or any combination thereof and via such other mode(s) as AICE may determine.